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Ngozi Lyn Cole

Hello, I’m Ngozi and it’s a pleasure to connect with you. I have a portfolio of work which includes leadership, performance, and executive coaching.

I’m also a non-executive director, facilitator and leadership catalyst working with organisations and individuals to identify and fulfil their potential. It’s been a real privilege to work with a wide range of organisations including NHS Trusts, local and national charities, national and international funders. My mission is to help you to identify and achieve your full potential so that you can realise your goals and thereby live a full and fulfilling life. I love working with people who want to make a difference. By holding a safe space, I can help you to identify your strengths, challenging yourself and explore what the future might look like.

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Coaching Profile Ngozi Lyn Cole

Ngozi believes that everybody has the potential to achieve their personal life and work ambitions. She believes that everybody has the passion to realise their ambitions. She also believes that everybody needs a little help now and again.

By focussing on helping people to identify their own unique strengths, Ngozi uses a three-step framework to achieve the highest levels of performance, whilst maintaining wellbeing and celebrating the progress made. The person, or team, is always in control of the pace, scale and depth of all activities.

With Ngozi you first identify the most important issues using insightful questions, tools and techniques. Secondly, you work together to explore the issues thoroughly. Finally, you focus on unlocking the right set of insights and solutions where appropriate.



Ngozi is one of the most inspiring leaders and coaches I have had the good fortune to meet. Before I started my coaching experience, I had attempted coaching twice with coaches to no effect and was very sceptical about the process and purpose. I was then offered the opportunity, through my organisation, to receive coaching from Ngozi. Despite my reservations about the coaching process, I seized the opportunity mainly because of the excellent reputation that Ngozi has as both a coach and mentor. I could not have wished for a better coaching experience throughout the duration of my sessions. The process was challenging at times but her leadership, guidance and support kept me both engaged and willing to work hard throughout the process.

As someone who works in a specialist sector that has both internal and external challenges, Ngozi’s wide-reaching knowledge of the voluntary sector and equalities was invaluable. She was able to tailor her expertise in management and effective leadership to meet my specific personal and organisational needs. She was also always on hand to offer robust and sound guidance or pointers so that I was also exploring new ideas and learning in-between the often reflective/reflexive sessions that took place.

Deputy CEO Charity


Key skills

Executive coaching; Management coaching; Board and executive team coaching; Working with individuals at personal or career crossroads; Organisational development; Leadership development; Facilitation; Managing change; Managing projects; Managing relationships; Collaboration tools and techniques.


Ngozi’s main coaching focus is working with individuals and teams at middle and senior management levels, helping them to set, realise and review their goals and ambitions. She uses a mix of support and challenge to keep up the momentum. Her clients include self-employed consultants; managers in charities and social enterprises; health/other public sector bodies, and grantmaking organisations. Her techniques include mentoring, coaching, facilitation and action learning. Her offer is always fully customised to meet the specific needs of the individuals.

Professional memberships

Association of Coaching; Chartered Management Institute; Royal Society of Arts

Career background

Ngozi has over 20 years of senior management experience including as England Grantmaking Director at the Big Lottery Fund until 2017. In that role, she was responsible for a budget of £550m per annum amd leading 1000 staff across nine locations, developing/operationalising programmes and other strategies, influencing a wide range of stakeholders, and managing a wide range of performance issues.

Ngozi qualified as a leadership and performance coach in 2011 and has coached people at various levels since. Ngozi has been self employed since March 2017, and npw has a portfolio ofpaid and unpaid Trustee roles at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, General Pharmaceutical Council, Millfield House Foundation and EY Foundation. She also work as a management consultant and as Director of a social change agency.

Qualifications and training

Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Coaching; Professional Certificate in Management with Distinction; Post graduate Diploma in Education; Master of Arts (French/English Translation); Bachelor of Arts, French

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