Supervision provides a formal and protected reflective space. It allows a coach, mentor or facilitator to confidentially and collaboratively explore the tasks, processes and challenges of their work/caseload, to grow in their capacity and to support their practice. Supervision can also be a source of organisational learning.

We offer supervision for coaches, mentors, facilitators and action learning facilitators providing three broad functions:

Quality Assurance

ensuring the work completed is professional and ethical operating within whatever codes, laws and organisational norms apply


meeting the educative or information needs of the coach for development of skills / theoretical knowledge / personal attributes


meeting the support needs of the coach through listening / reflection / questions / feedback

What types of supervision do we offer?

  • Individual supervision:
    a single supervisor providing supervision for one coach/mentor/facilitator.
  • Peer/pairs supervision:
    a single supervisor providing supervision for two coaches/mentors/facilitators.
  • Group supervision:
    refers to the process where sets coaches/mentors/facilitators work together to improve their individual and collaborative practice.

A particular area of specialism here at CBC is the provision of coaching supervision, via CPD sessions, to coaches who are part of internal coaching frameworks within their organisation.

How does it work?

Step 1 Allocation
approach CBC to discuss appropriate supervision
Step 2 Exploring
discussing needs and goals with your supervisor
Step 3 Contracting
agreeing to work together for three to six supervision conversations, and the frequency of those conversations
Step 4 Contract review
(typically annually)

I love working with you. You are the epitome of a fantastic supervisor, exceptional supervision, great rapport, the balance held perfectly between support & challenge.

Zoe Lewis Director of The Leadership Coaches



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