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Abigail Pogson Sage Gateshead

We have had fantastic value from Cath as a coach for our leadership team – both for members individually and for the team as a whole.  It has been a hugely positive experience for us and this is down to Cath’s positivity, her experience and knowledge and her commitment to keeping people challenging themselves.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cath as a team coach.

Abigail Pogson, Managing Director Sage Gateshead

Nic Leyden 

Performance Horizon

We’ve worked with Cath for over 2 years and have found her energy, enthusiasm and level of knowledge immensely helpful.  Cath has supported us to build a people strategy from scratch that focuses around employee engagement and is driven at its heart by our values and behaviours. 
In doing so Cath through her passionate and challenging approach has helped us to build a behavioural framework which will support PH through significant growth and has supported the implementation of a performance management framework that focuses on getting the best out of our people!
Cath has provided high quality and engaging leadership training to our managers and C-Team and has received positive feedback throughout.  Cath has a wealth of knowledge in this area and is a highly skilled coach. 
I’d have no hesitation in recommending Cath to any organisation looking for support in developing and implementing a high quality people strategy

Nic Leyden 
Head of People Success Performance Horizon

Darren Collins Gateshead Council

I sought out a coach at a time of significant organisational change and, from a personal point of view, a move into a very senior and strategic new role.  I was looking to create a little space and find a different perspective and challenge to inform my thinking and approach.

I came into the coaching sessions with an interest, commitment and an open mind and I have to say that the value I have gained from them has exceeded my expectations.  Cath is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and insightful and her overall approach is very effective in stimulating awareness and reflection.  As an added bonus this is achieved in an upbeat and enjoyable way within the coaching sessions.

Having completed a period of coaching with Cath I arranged for a short refresh after a couple of years.  Given the value I obtained from our original work I had no hesitation in doing this and again this has proved extremely worthwhile.

If you are looking for a coach to provoke, challenge and enlighten your thinking and also to accomplish this in a positive and enjoyable way then I would wholeheartedly recommend Cath to you.

Darren Collins, Strategic Director, Corporate Resources and Borough Treasurer Gateshead Council

Bernadette Stainsby Vela Group

From Day 1 I knew that this would be a great relationship. I can talk all day about her professionalism and expertise but it is that extra spark that makes Cath stand out from other consultants that I have engaged with. Cath exudes energy and passion in everything that she does and ignites that spark that is there - its just knowing where to find it! 

Cath works hard to understand the organisations culture and listens to you so that she can create the solution that best fits. That was certainly the case when we were looking to go that extra mile in creating a performance culture.  Firstly she set about creating a behaviour framework by engaging directly with the workforce. They were widely accepted as staff started to understand not just what we do around here but how we do it. This has been a major step in changing entrenched mindsets and not accepting mediocrity.

Cath supported me in creating the business cases to obtain that necessary executive sponsorship. Throughout the delivery phase Cath looked to continually improve the programme through listening and learning from the participants at each phase. Cath also has some associates who helped in the delivery phase and they too have that passion and creativity which helped make the programmes an immense success.

Creating a coaching programme was the hardest sell but now that we have over 20 active coaches delivering support through a very challenging time it is really starting to pay dividends.

From inception to evaluation, this has been an amazing journey which Cath has taken us all on and we are the better for it.

Bernadette Stainsby, Group Head of Human Resources Vela Group

Ged Grebby Show Racism the Red Card

 Cath was excellent at keeping the sessions on track and getting the most out of them. I always felt that they flew by and I got a great deal out of them.

Cath allowed me to take a fresh approach to the strategic vision of Show Racism the Red Card.  This proved very useful in my being able to look at the work I do in a new light.  Often Cath would point out things that she had observed in the sessions which I had not thought about.

I felt the sessions challenged me to look at my role as Chief Executive and how I could improve my performance.  Cath also provided me with some insightful prompts which I have used to redirect some of our work.

At the end of every session I felt that I had gained a great deal from the one and a half hours with Cath.  My timetable is a busy one, but this time allowed me invaluable “thinking space” and time to critically assess where I am going and where Show Racism the Red Card as an organisation need to position themselves.

I would definitely highly recommend Cath Brown to others.

Ged Grebby CEO Show Racism the Red Card

Housing Organisation

Due to the significant changes due to the merger of two organisations, I was struggling to cope with the significant changes, the loss of long term work colleagues who had left the company, negative behaviours shown towards me while also going through recruitment to save my position within the company.  I was exhausted, totally ineffective and felt like I was in a fog. I have always been strong and resilient but all was taking its toll on my health.

Coaching was fantastic and has equipped me with the skills to reflect and find the answers or means to cope with the fast world we live in. It has provided me with the time to reflect on things and to deal with the issues myself and to work out what I need to do to work and function effectively while being healthy.

I am much happier and take things in my stride. Less stressful and I realise that I have the ability to make the changes and at times it may be difficult but I need to deal with things and have challenging conversations that will assist me. Clear the air. I have feelings and it is ok to accept that.

I would definitely recommend coaching and especially Cath. She is fantastic and assisted me in working through the issues to find the answers and a way through the fog myself.

Area Manager Housing Organisation

Carol Butler Banardo’s

Cath has offered me personal coaching with tricky issues and co facilitated team coaching for my staff.  Her energy and enthusiasm are impressive, her knowledge base extraordinary!  She is a skilled authentic coach and trainer.  Her coaching and consultation skills enabled me to find solutions which were realistic and could be maintained, I felt so empowered and renewed after a session with Cath.

Carol Butler Barnardo’s Children’s Services Manager

Viv Lund South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

I attended the ILM 5 Coaching programme and found the course extremely interesting, educational and fun.  It gave me the confidence to then go away and begin coaching using a structured and meaningful approach.  I had vital tutorial support from Cath since I began coaching and she helped me greatly when I’d hit a stumbling block with one of my coachees. She gives logical and practical guidance which helps to demystify the essence of coaching and I would recommend this qualification to anyone who is intending to take up coaching as part of their role.

Viv Lund, Head of Training South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

Mike Soanes North East Autism Society

Cath and I have been working closely together with the Organisation I am currently employed by, to introduce a Coaching Strategy and a Management development Programme. Cath is always a tremendous source of training, support and inspiration. Her knowledge of, and passion for , coaching motivates the learners and provides them with a sound basis for taking coaching forward in their organisation.

Many have reported that they have found Cath’s training and teaching life changing, in that it has given them a new approach with a new set of skills, which they now want to share with other staff. Manager’s have noted the culture change that Cath’s training is bringing about.  One of Cath’s other main strengths is her knowledge of qualifications and accreditation, which she uses to help organisations to raise the standard and effectiveness of internal training.

On a personal consultancy level,  Cath has always encouraged and given a positive but challenging focus to my work, which I have found so helpful. She always has a different take on things which makes you think again. In terms of her training, staff have said it is the best they have experienced! Her enthusiasm and creativity rub off on people and they go away re-invigorated.

Mike Soanes, Organisational Development Consultant North East Autism Society

Keith Bell KBA

I have worked in partnership with Cath over a number of years and across a range of projects.  Together we have delivered an exciting portfolio of management development, leadership and coaching courses and qualifications within a variety of organisations.  Cath is a dedicated professional with knowledge and understanding of organisations and the complexities of people management issues.  She is able to apply this knowledge and understanding to enable organisations develop strategies and practices to develop internal capacity.

Keith Bell, Director KBA


Cath has helped me to develop my management skills providing me with the confidence to allow others to reach their own solutions, creating ownership of problems or situations and forming the will to find the solution – in my opinion all organisations would benefit from providing managers and supervisors with coaching skills and techniques.  My team have never been the same!

Coaching is now imbedded within my every day practise and I am reaping the rewards on a daily basis.  Caths passion for coaching and mentoring has definitely rubbed off – I only wish I had discovered these skills earlier, they have really enhanced my management technique.

Cath’s delivery of the ILM level 5 in coaching and mentoring which I attended was both informative and inspiring.  So much so that I re-commissioned Cath to deliver a 1 day bespoke management coaching course for all other managers within our service.  Management coaching is now imbedded within our everyday practise and the result of this has been truly remarkable. 

The management team have a common approach when working with staff, and the skills and techniques learnt have enabled our team to move smoothly though the ever changing environments faced on a daily basis.  The bespoke Management Coaching course which Cath ran for us has enabled solution focused approach to be accepted and adopted within our wider service team. 

Cath has provided us with an opportunity to develop a common management technique which is already benefitting our team on a daily basis.  I attended an ILM level 5 coaching and mentoring course which Cath ran for our organisation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cath is extremely charismatic and her delivery skills and support that she offered were outstanding. 

As a direct result I have achieved both personal and professional development which I use within every day situations to help focus both myself and others on achieving goals.  My management skills have increased significantly. 

Charismatic facilitator with a great depth of knowledge – how often does that happen!

Manager Barnardos

Cath Brown: Profile

An independent management development and coaching consultant, Cath works in partnership with private, public and charitable organisations on leadership, coaching, management and development interventions.